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Why Work With Me

Interiors & Custom Artwork

Work with me if you want an infusion of creativity, an artist’s eye, and a professional’s opinion. If you want someone who can cater to your style regardless of what is on trend. If you want your space to stand apart from your neighbor’s and be uniquely yours. If you want a timeless look that works for you and your lifestyle, combining both aesthetics and functionality. If you appreciate mindful design and understand that every object has a home and every piece of furniture has a function. If you want someone who understands and respects your budget. If the thought of design or shopping for your space on your own elicits a negative response. If you want to sit back and enjoy your space without second guessing if it flows with the rest of your home.  If you want to know where to cut back and where to spend, mixing the splurges with the saves. If your time means more to you than selecting furnishings and fixtures.  If you want someone to guide you through the process and have fun along the way!

Business Branding 

Work with me if you want your marketing materials to stand apart from your competitor’s. If you want someone who takes the opportunity to learn about your business and your clients before the design phase ever begins. If you want someone who understands and respects your budget and timeline. | 812.661.7404

225 River Centre Landing, Suite B, Jasper, IN 47546

Jasper, Indiana Designer 

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